Chapter 2

The pursuit of
Hegena’s Hegina
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Hege paces nervously down the school corridors, and with a heavy heart, Hege glances at the remaining scraps of his diary filled with love notes to Hegena. It was a precious memento, now tarnished by Hendrix’s cruel exposure.

That night in his burrow, Hege clenched his tiny boy man fists and got to planning his rise to becoming
Hege angry
Inspired by the likes of Pepe, Hege embarked on a daring quest to make a name for himself in the world of cryptocurrency.

Armed with nothing but big dreams and fierce determination he dove headfirst into researching the realm of meme coins.
Hege watching pepe
Days turned into nights as Hege lay on a mountain of low school attendance letters. As Hege returned to school after his night of tireless research, life continued much as it had before.

Hege still faded away in the back of the campus grounds, watching that chad Hendrix bag the girl of his dreams.
Hege cryHendrix and hegena
Hendrix, the epitome of charm and wealth, with his sleek lambo parked outside the school gates commanded attention wherever he went. It was also at these gates everybody couldn’t help but notice the eccentric presence of Hegena’s mom Helena.

Hege couldn’t help but watch the interactions between Hegena and Helena. From offering Hendrix his weekly selection of homebaked, low carb, low sugar, keto and gluten free granola bites, she seemed to stop at nothing in her quest to ensure her daughter was married off to a generationally wealthy alpha-hog.
hendrix and hegena in lambo