The Story so far

by the Developer of Hege

The Spark: Problem & Inspiration

Frustrated by the endless new rugs appearing on Solana, I decided to launch a project where I could use my skills and passion towards a greater vision: creating a safe haven for new and experienced meme coin enthusiasts. I wanted to create a space for like-minded individuals to collaborate, laugh with, and for others to feel as though they are part of something much bigger than themselves—a real community.

The concept for Hege was born when my girlfriend and I were talking about the state of the economy, market manipulation, and hedge funds. The discussion around 'hedge funds' caught my attention - this is where the idea for a hedgehog-themed memecoin was sparked. It aligned with the animal meta and had tons of pun potential, puns that people could get behind to start a movement. Everything about the concept just made sense! As a graphic designer, I started by creating a brand, followed by a website and social channels for $HEGE.

The story features four characters, all representing modern stereotypes. Hege is like most of us: hard-earned, struggling to make it, and fighting against the odds. Hegena is popular, hard to get, and entitled. Hendrix is your typical 'Chad' character: relatively successful, rich, and has things easy. Finally, Helena is just a 'Karen'. The Hege story line represents his journey from being constantly looked down upon to rising to the top.

 The Vision: A Better Future

I showed the concept in a few different forums, and it was well received. The space was in need of a project with transparency, potential and something different. The vision for an organic, truthful, community driven project was starting to look within reach.

On 23rd March 2024, I made a simple reddit post asking for help with launching my own coin. I had a low budget, no connections, no experience, the list goes on. All I had was strong conviction, and a brand...

To my surprise, the r/Solana community showed lot's of interest in Hege, which is why I decided to launch a presale, instead of launching with a gaming console's worth of liquidity.

Over the next 2 weeks, our community grew to over 150 Hegefunders and raised $32,000. As we grew, we started to make more and more noise, attracting new holders. People started to see the vision for the project. Experienced investors and project leaders saw the potential and joined the team, offering huge support and guidance.

The Journey: Milestones & Achievements

On Friday 5th April 2024, we launched Hege after MANY attempts due to the network congestion on Solana. Even with the Solana network on its knees, Hege managed to reach a market cap of $2.2 million within a few hours. There was some heavy profit taking at this point and we came back down to around $250k. The resilience of the community shone through, and things have only been up from there.

Since launching Hege the community has…

Added 000 members to the Telegram chat

Advertised twice in Times Square, NYC

Community tattoos!

Collaborated with PAAL AI

Released chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4

The Community: We're Stronger Together

The $HEGE community has been integral to the success of Hege so far. The passion, dedication and sheer drive to make this project a success is second to none. We’ve had everything from tattoos of Hege, to community members traveling across the country to get a glimpse of Hege on the big screens in New York City. As Hege was born on Reddit, a lot of the community is new to the memecoin world. We’re proud to call Hege a project that can help to educate, inform and bring people together.

The Roadmap: Looking Forward

The goal has always been to provide better and better content. Our content and style is what sets $HEGE apart from the rest. We’re bold and we’re different. Each market cap story unlock strives to better the previous one - there’s even plans to make a full length film once we reach a $1b market cap.

The project plans to release its first rewards at a $10m market cap with its first NFT collection. This collection, yet again, plans to do things differently. NFT’s are an amazing way to provide creativity to the project, as well as expand on the storyline.

Looking forward, Hege plans to collaborate with other projects where it makes sense - we’re interested in quality and innovative ideas, not AI generated art and low effort projects. We want to work with projects that have the same principles as us. 

Call to Action: Be Part of the Future

Hege is growing by the day, and proving resilient to tough market conditions. Even on red days, we are seeing an increase in holders, social followers and community members. Everything is in place for Hege to be a top tier project in this space.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has believed in the project so far. The $HEGE-fund community is genuinely one of the best places in the space to be right now and is continuously proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

The Hege journey is a testament to the power of community, perseverance, and maybe a dash of beginner's luck. Buckle up, because this rocket is just getting fueled up!